Central Florida Hunter Jumper Association Points

Points are tabulated as follows:

Single - REGIONAL 2 (formerly "C") rated shows
1st place 10 points
2nd place 6 points
3rd place 4 points
4th place 2 points
5th place 1 point
6th place .5 point
Champion 20 points
Res. Champ 12 points
NATIONAL & PREMIER rated shows (formerly "A")
1st place 40 points
2nd place 24 points
3rd place 16 points
4th place 8 points
5th place 4 points
6th place 2 points
Champion 80 points
Res. Champ 48 points

For REGIONAL 1 shows (Formerly "B" rated shows) - (2x single)
PREMIER and NATIONAL shows are ALL counted equally (4x single)

NEW! All 4 of the CFHJA shows will carry DOUBLE POINTS (8x SINGLE). There will now be ONE set of points (all 84 shows together)

ALL JUMPER & EQUITATION division points are tabulated by CFHJA on this same point value system. Champion and Reserve points DO NOT count in any EQUITATION nor in the Walk/Trot division.

Be sure to check each shows prize list to verify that they are CFHJA sanctioned. Not every show in Florida IS sanctioned by CFHJA!

Model classes are ½ value points.

Please note:

Classics, warm-ups, medals, derbies, zone, or other finals and other non regular classes that do not contribute to the champion or reserve totals, or have those titles attached to them, are not tabulated.

Pleasure Horse and Pony, CFHJA horse and CFHJA pony equitation classes are single point value, regardless of show rating.

There must be 3 entries placed, in each class, for that class to be counted... (exception- Pony Jumper which needs only 1 to fill, and our 4 CFHJA shows series-14 divisions-no CH or RES awards in local series unless there are 3 placed in at each of the classes to be counted)

Please be aware that CFHJA points are tabulated independently of the USEF. Our points committee is not an USEF liaison; nor is CFHJA points increments the SAME! Any problems with your point standings NOT related to CFHJA points must be addressed, by you, directly to the USEF.

If your name or your horse's name changes during the year, or if you are leasing a horse owned by a member or more importantly a nonmember which will not be counted if their name appears as owner, CFHJA has NO way of knowing this unless we are notified DIRECTLY by you. Check website for monthly or more frequent updates... If you see an error in names or point totals, please notify the CFHJA points chairman within 60 days from ending date of the show in question, OR November 30th of that show year, whichever comes first. NOTIFICATION MUST BE IN WRITING. It is YOUR responsibility to verify YOUR own points routinely.

A membership form MUST be filled out when you join/rejoin CFHJA. Without proper and complete information we cannot tabulate yours or your horse’s points.

For questions, please contact the CFHJA Points Committee Chairman: Chris Reilly (cmrbraids@aol.com)